Elastica is convinced that communication is and has always been an indissoluble link between skills and language.  As a result, during the first few months of the pandemic, Elastica developed successful formats to deal with the impossibility of organising traditional live events such as press conferences and book presentations. As we started to look for new solutions, it immediately became clear that digital formats cannot simply be treated as a plan B, to be used while we wait for everything to go back to how it used to be. It was necessary to optimise broadcasting channels, the ways of transmitting content and the choice of platforms straight away, using television directing as a point of reference.
This led to several important experiences.  We started off with a series of four digital talks for the presentation of Il Dopo (The Aftermath), the book written by the virologist Ilaria Capua during lockdown in March, which was published in May 2020. The talks received 320,000 views during their first few days on social media.  Once more with Ilaria Capua, the experience was extended outside Italy, offering four digital talks in collaboration with New York University, the World Bank, Greenpeace International and the international environmental organisation, with the presentation of the English edition of Salute Circolare (Circular Health), the book by the virologist in charge of the One Health International Center in Florida.  Lastly, we also transformed our communications strategies for the press conference of L’Eredità delle donne (The Legacy of Women), the festival of female empowerment which Elastica has organised for the last few years in Florence, under the artistic direction of Serena Dandini. The Legacy of Women was the first festival to use online streaming as an opportunity rather than as a Plan B. At the same time as a live audience, the event website streamed the whole contents of its three-day programme online, practically creating a TV channel of female empowerment.