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Rome, March 2016

“Vorrei entrare dentro i fili di una radio” [I’d like to get inside the radio wires] is the first line of one of the greatest songs by Lucio Dalla, entitled “Le Rondini” [The Swallows]. This is one of the reasons why on March 4th 2016, the RAI Italian broadcasting company, together with RADIORAI, paid homage to Lucio Dalla with a programme (broadcast live on Radio Due, from the historic, prestigious Room A in Rome’s Via Asiago), devised and created by Michele Mondella, Giovanni Filippetto and Elastica.

Artists, journalists, commentators, singers and actors spoke about Lucio Dalla and his songs. Dalla was music, lyrics, improvisation, talent, emotions, inspiration, heat, and colour. Top artists from the fields of music, acting and journalism joined forces to interpret Lucio’s songs and lyrics: Ron, Fiorella Mannoia, Peppe Servillo, Gaetano Curreri, Gigi D’Alessio, Paola Turci, Rocco Hunt, Federico Zampaglione, Marco Masini, Caparezza, Paolo Fresu, Fio Zanotti, Jimmy Villotti, Lina Sastri, Enrico Lo Verso, Aldo Cazzullo and Stefano Bartezzaghi.

The evening was hosted by the journalist Vincenzo Mollica with the assistance of Massimo Cervelli.

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