STOP Tampon Tax


Coop Italia






Where and when

Roma, november 2021

An unjust tax that absolutely had to be lowered (tampons are taxed at a rate of 22%, as if they were luxury goods). A mobilization that leveraged a successful petition (650,000 signatures reached on A digital tool as participatory democracy, concrete acts of public administration, and a company like Coop Italia to take this cause up in its Close the Gap campaign.

On November 5, 2021, in the Senate Library in Piazza della Minerva in Rome, Coop Italia publically presented the results achieved, the steps taken, and the political demands to eliminate the Tampon Tax. Guests included Silvia De Dea and Agnese Zappalà for Onde Rosa, Fiamma Goretti and Martina Pieri for, Laura Sparavigna for the association Tocca a NOI, and Maura Latini for Coop Italia.

At the end of the meeting, guests and public were inspired with a street dance performance, featuring unprecedented, original and site-specific choreography designed specifically for this occasion.
Elastica, Coop’s right hand for creating projects of immeasurable social value, oversaw the event’s coordination and production, and selected the dance company and choreographer who built the performance.