The iconic American Airstream trailer provides the focal point for the 17 stops on the Jova Beach Party tour, and the music-based parties created by Jovanotti for some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.  For this project Elastica was helped by Coop Italia, the main sponsor of the tour with which the singer launched the latest challenge in his many-sided career.  It is an unforgettable experience which made the party locations even more beautiful than before.
The original vintage trailer, curated by Elastica, set off on 6 July and was on the road with Jovanotti until 31 August
Coop’s aim, as the main sponsor, was to raise awareness of eco-friendly ways of living.
Elastica curated the creative side of the project, together with organisation and communication, for the leading company in the field of large-scale distribution.
The village set up around the steel Airstream trailer was equipped with touch screens where people could draw and have fun with original interactive games.  There were two initiatives focusing on photography. One involved a photographic set in which the public could take photographs of themselves throughout the day, which were then edited on the spot in an original way by a group of artists, Pogovic, who created unexpected colourful, personalised portraits that were given to the subjects themselves and then shared on social media.
The other surprise was Scoop, a “photographic treasure hunt” which involved a series of challenges for participants to tackle (