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Online, november 2021

As part of TIM’s 4Weeks4Inclusion initiative, an event designed to highlight the network’s range of opportunities.

A network that makes a difference because it celebrates difference. A network that creates opportunity. A network designed to overcome distance, to connect diverse populations, to save clients money while saving them from isolation, to bring new opportunities for training, to have fun and even inspire new businesses. 

These were TIM’s goals in the second edition of 4Weeks 4Inclusion, an event held on November 8, 2021 and dedicated to inclusion, reaching out to over 200 companies. 

With eleven stories of resilience, courage, determination and inclusion at the center, told by those who have managed, thanks to the network, to make a difference and to celebrate our differences. Giampaolo Colletti was carefully selected as host, collaborating with the editorial staff of Elastica, as well as TIM as one of the key creators of the event. 

Run by Elastica: casting of hosts and guests, scheduling and writing of the sets, shooting and post production of interviews carried out at the headquarters of TIM’s archives, administration and logistical production, and stage management.

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