Five years after his death, Bologna has been celebrating the life of singer Lucio Dalla, in squares, gardens and bars, to paraphrase one of his songs, La sera dei Miracoli. The emotional celebrations took place over three days, together with Ernesto Assante, Gino Castaldo, Giorgio Comaschi, Marco Marozzi, Emilio Marrese and Pierfrancesco Pacoda who presented the event with fans of Lucio from all over Italy, around the city in some of the singer’s favourite places: his house in via D’Azeglio, for example, then the record company Fonoprint, “Vito” restaurant, “Cesari” restaurant, the house where he was born in Piazza Cavour and the house in Vicolo Mariscotti, as well as the Church of San Domenico.

At Lucio’s home in the city was an event promoted by the Lucio Dalla Foundation, CNA Bologna in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna and Elastica, which was also involved in the creation of the event.  It was sponsored by MIBACT and the Municipality of Bologna, and supported by the Bank of Bologna.

Lucio Dalla was remembered with a range of audio installations, so his music and voice could be heard all over Bologna.  The musical event was managed by Hubert Westkemper, a sound designer with many years of experience in the theatre industry. The heart of these installations was the Clock Tower, overlooking Bologna’s main square, which was transformed into a sort of Big Ben for the three days of the event, marking time in Bologna with a selection of Dalla’s hits.  Furthermore, a group installation took place in the streets of the city centre, taking people by surprise with over 50 different sounds including cars, bicycles, pedestrians with trolleys or backpacks, and even bike couriers.

Finally, Dalla’s house in Via D’Azeglio was open for three evenings, broadcasting directly into the adjoining Piazza de’ Celestini. A great number of famous figures took part, including Pupi Avati, Rita Pavone, Alessandro Haber, Enrico Rava, Gaetano Curreri, Brunori Sas, Dente,  Ermal Meta and Antonio Maggio, the young musicians from the Lucio Dalla musical high school, Roberta Giallo, Teo Ciavarella on the piano together with Le Scat Noir (consisting of Natalia Abbascià, Ginevra Benedetti and Sara Tinti), Simone Baroncini together with Nicoletta Mezzini, the Marcheselli Brothers, Giorgia Olivari accompanied on the guitar by Pietro Posani, and Novensemble Senzaspine.