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Roberto Red Sox Mantovani Tassista Di Notte



Publication date

May 2024





Almost every night, a white seven-seater Volkswagen Touran drives through the semi- deserted streets of the center of Bologna. Behind the wheel sits taxi driver Roberto Mantovani. For eight years he has been doing “the best job in the world in the most beautiful city in the world”.

In love with his work but fed up with the state of Italian “taxismo”, in May 2023 Roberto started a campaign against colleagues who were refusing card payment, publishing his daily earnings on X (then Twitter). Still not satisfied, he decided to break through his profession’s reticence with a book that sheds light on the dynamics of a world about which very little is known.

Cabman of the Night, however, is not just an “honest trial of the profession”. It is also, and above all, the attempt to convey love for an always unpredictable vocation with limitless possibilities. The Emilian capital is the perfect backdrop for an infinite series of anecdotes and stories collected by Roberto on board his #Bologna5: encounters that changed his life, unexpected romantic scenes, races against time, undercover investigations.

From Italy’s most famous taxi driver comes a humorous and candid account of the light and dark sides of a profession that not only prompts debate, but which also continues to offer surprises and twists.

ROBERTO MANTOVANI  lives in Bologna, where he was born in 1969. After working as a firefighter and tow truck driver, in 2016 he purchased a taxi driver’s license and fell in love with what is still his job today, so much so that he wrote a book about it. He has two cats, is passionate about baseball and is a Boston Red Sox fan, and confidently claims that he knows how to prepare the best ragù in the whole city.