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Cottarelli Dentro Il Palazzo



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April 2024





What really goes on in the halls of power?

The image of the parliamentary chambers, in which discussions – or often conflicts – take place between the majority and the opposition to decide the future of our country, is certainly familiar to every citizen.
Not many, however, can claim to know clearly how the Italian political system works and what really happens in the rooms where decisions are made.

Among the pages of Dentro il Palazzo [Behind the Palace Walls], Carlo Cottarelli reveals all with humour and through numerous personal anecdotes. In addition to having held the position of senator for eight months in the last legislature, after the 2018 elections Cottarelli was tasked with forming a government during an unprecedented institutional crisis.

Drawing on his direct experience, Cottarelli examines the state of Italian politics and provides an honest snapshot of the halls of power.

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