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Where and when

Reggio Emilia, 2018

More than 80 events provided inspiration around the city, with workshops, conferences, shows and a large exhibition area with cutting-edge demonstrations, enabling visitors to experience digital applications, including robotics and artificial intelligence.

There were loads of guests including Salvatore Aranzulla, one of the most famous computer science popularisers and bloggers on the internet; presenter and journalist Federico Taddia; university lecturer, writer and journalist Stefano Bartezzaghi; philosopher, sociologist, psychoanalyst and academic Umberto Galimberti and Sky presenter Alessio Viola, amongst others.

After: Digital Futures is the first festival dedicated to ultra broadband and its impact on the urban environment and surrounding communities, in an event for discovering the latest developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and data science applied to particular areas and focusing on people, communities and the technology available to them, exploring the different ways that digital technology can improve people’s quality of life, in their role as citizens.