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Bari, December 2022

On Dec. 21, 2022, Acquedotto Pugliese invited 200 employees––including executives, managers, and supervisors––to close out the year with a renewed sense of belonging and unity in the company; an occasion to reaffirm corporate values and share a new company lexicon to be implemented.

An event in honor of two hundred people in the fourth largest theater in Italy required out-of-the-box thinking, a change of perspective that led Elastica to rethink the space by exceptionally transforming the orchestra seats into a second stage.

This new point of view contributed to the spectacular start to the event: ten stars of culture, entertainment and business performed one by one in the orchestra seats, with box seats reserved for the audience. Guests included journalist Ezio Mauro, writer and storyteller Stefano Massini, singer-songwriter Erica Mou, and Dina Manti, the mayor of Corigliano. Then from Acquedotto Pugliese, speeches from the general manager Francesca Portincasa, geologist and writer Alfredo De Giovanni, Serena Spagnuolo of the Network Renovation Task Force, Francesca Tajani, Claudia Fiorentino in charge of Purification Interventions, Waste, Energy Efficiency, and Angelo Antonio Lapomarda, Head of Human Resources and Organization.

The second act created yet another change of perspective: the guests moved to the orchestra seats, with guests on stage ranging from journalist Monica Setta, psychiatrist Vittorino Andreoli and Nicola Cosentino, theformer Rector of Bari Polytechnic and President of Acquedotto Pugliese talked about the future, challenges, and widespread leadership. The conclusion of the training event was a speech by AQP President Domenico Laforgia.

Elastica handled the technical, production and creative content coordination. The animated video-graphics and staging, completely unexpected and unique. And, both challenging and crucial to the event’s success: the direction and stage management.