Un Pizzico Di Economia Canova E Chef 2
Un Pizzico Di Economia Luciano Canova



Publication date

February 2024





What do yeast and inflation, profiteroles and business plans, fruit salad and investment risk
have in common? How can we have fun (while learning!) with economy in the kitchen?
Luciano Canova and Giovanna Paladino, with the help of chefs Davide Caranchini and
Barbara Girardi, will show us how.

Salt and Pepper are friends and schoolmates, opposites with two decidedly curious
nicknames. And perhaps it is curiosity that most brings them together: both love asking
questions and cooking, trying and retrying seemingly complicated recipes with their lovely

Between yeast and dough, reductions and glazes, while enjoying themselves in the kitchen
the two friends discovered that certain basic cooking concepts are truly useful in
understanding principles of economy, which aren’t that far from their daily lives. From
caloric budgets to grocery prices, from the origin of ingredients to sustainable processes,
from budget management to the concept of waste, a seemingly indecipherable subject
becomes fun and simple, ready to be savoured (and full of recipes to do just that!).


Luciano Canova
Economist and writer in print and on social media (Instagram and TikTok), he loves to
explain the economy in a way that is accessible for all.

Giovanna Paladino
Economist, director and curator of the Savings Museum, with diverse publications in the
academic field.

Davide Caranchini
Chef of the 1 Michelin-starred restaurant Materia in Cernobbio and lover of plant-based
cooking, he was named best Italian chef 2023 by Identità Golose.

Barbara Girardi
Lady Chef of Agriturismo La Cascina Di Mattia (Cantù), she has been working with
conscious cooking for years, and created the project “Writers in the pan”, which brings
together the world of cooking with that of literature.