40° Datalogic

Produced by Mismaonda and Laprimavolta
Luca Lazzaris: project manager
Carmen Manti and Giulia Fabbri: executive producers
Francesca Parisini: communication and public relations

Once upon a time there was a code, a bar code. Maybe few people know this, but bar codes are involved in many of our daily actions: when we pay at a supermarket checkout, when we book a blood test, when we borrow a book from a public library, and on many other occasions. The bar code is the core business for a company, Datalogic, with offices all over the world and headquarters a few miles from the centre of Bologna. We have helped them celebrate their 40th anniversary with an exhibition and a coffee table book with photos by Evan Baden telling about the protagonists of this great enterprise, men and women at work in factories in Italy, in the US (Oregon and Pennsylvania), Slovakia and Vietnam. This photo exhibition (displayed outdoors in the centre of Bologna) was accompanied by a series of videos shot in Datalogic factories to tell about their daily business. Last but not least, we organised an actual birthday party (in October 2012), hosted by Camila Raznovich, with music by Demo Morselli and his Orchestra.