Bologna always starts like this, with a workshop, with a craftsman learning his trade, and working his way up the ladder, developing skills and industriousness. This is the history of Bologna, but also that of the company STM Riduttori, based in Calderara di Reno, which has recently celebrated forty years in the business.

In order to celebrate forty years of success, STM organised the exhibition “Bologna comincia sempre così….” (Bologna always starts like this…), in the outside area between Via Rizzoli and Piazza Re Enzo, featuring 12 panels containing 24 photographs showing the work of STM employees over the last 40 years of business.

The exhibitions features photographs taken by Giacomo Maestri, in which the employees are holding a photo from the past, as if it were a symbol of the link between the past and the present.  This contrast between yesterday and today does not intend to show a contrast between different eras, but rather the operational continuity which has led to great technological improvements and the growth of the company. From its beginnings in a small warehouse, to the huge size of the company’s current premises, from designing by hand to today’s technological designs created using hi-tech computers, from logistics with a small van to exporting products all over the world.  Nevertheless, STM has never forgotten its artisan roots, and continues to make its products with the same passion and determination as it did 40 years ago.

The celebrations for STM’s fortieth anniversary were also marked by another important event, a gala dinner at Palazzo Albergati, presented by Giorgio Comaschi and featuring Toccata e Fuga, a famous opera quartet.