The Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio (Savings Bank) of Florence is celebrating 25 years of activity. We spent time with some of the key figures of this story in the planning and creation of a talk show consisting of tales, testimonies and anecdotes.  “Our story is about the future” is the title of the institutional event which took place at the Palazzo Vecchio, presented by Serena Dandini and also featuring Aldo Cazzullo.

On the stage, there were several figures who were involved in the first steps of the fomer Savings Organisation, starting with Lapo Mazzei, the first president, and followed by Antonio Paolucci; Massimo Livi Bacci (Emeritus Professor of the University of Florence); Donatella Carmi, the founder of the Italian Leniterapia Foundation (FILE); and the Foundation’s director general Gabriele Gori. These five figures represent the main sectors in which the Foundation operates.  They talked about their experiences, which were made possible over the years by the support of the Foundation. Last but not least, there was a discussion featuring the mayor Dario Nardella, the President of the Chamber of Commerce Leonardo Bassilichi, the Chancellor Luigi Dei, the President of the CR Florence Bank Giuseppe Morbidelli, and the President of Confindustria Florence Luigi Salvadori.