100 years of SACMI







Where and when

Bologna and Imola, 2019

Oliviero Toscani, the creator of several revolutionary advertising campaigns was joined by Jeremy Rifkin, an American economist and sociologist, who has worked as a consultant for the European Union, the People’s Republic of China and many other world leaders. 

They were the stars of the project which Elastica created to celebrate the centenary of SACMI, a cooperative founded in Imola on 2 December 1919 by nine manual labourers, including mechanics and metalworkers.

Today SACMI is an international group with 4500 employees, with strategic activities in the fields of ceramics, packaging, beverage-closures, metals and advanced materials. We celebrated together with a big party at the factory in Imola, dedicated to the employees, as well as a photographic book in which Toscani portrayed all the workers, and a gala evening at Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna for stakeholders from all over the world.