Francesca Parisini

Communication and PR

As a professional journalist specializing in cultural affairs, I have been a regular contributor to Italian dailies like L’Unità, Il Resto del Carlino, and for more than 15 years, La Repubblica. I have also presented news reports on Italy’s state television, Rai. Communication and PR have always been my field, and I have press-office experience with institutions like Bologna’s Teatro Comunale, and Bologna University.

Recently I was involved in the communication side of Serena Dandini’s theatrical event “Ferite a morte” – ‘Wounded to Death’ (produced by Mismaonda), coordinating fundraising and relations with a series of institutions, such as the United Nations in New York and international organizations campaigning to wipe out domestic violence. Photography is another major interest. My book “Tokyo sui miei passi” was published by Pendragon.