I’m the baby of the team, although you wouldn’t know it from my height.  In 2018 I completed my degree in linguistic mediation at Unimore, but my biggest passion is big events and concerts.  As a result I gained experience in the administrative organisation of various street art festivals, including the Ferrara Buskers Festival, which is the biggest in Europe. I attended a course to become a project manager for events and live shows and I ended up working for Elastica.
On my first day I said “I’m ready to be bombarded with information and tasks to carry out”, and they took me at my word!  Since then I’ve never stopped and I’ve been working all over the place. I still don’t feel like I’m an expert, but I’m definitely keen to do things, gain knowledge and learn a lot.
I’ve always got a suitcase in a corner of the office, ready for the next adventure.