Chiara Tonelli

Green-oriented architect, expert in sustainable energies, university lecturer, creator of several projects which have won international awards: she is able to combine technical skills with a basic and universal language

Chiara Tonelli, lecturer in Technology of Architecture at the Department of Architecture of Università degli Studi Roma Tre, where the Rector has put her in charge of «Start-ups and Companies», coordinated the first Italian project accepted for Solar Decathlon, a contest among universities worldwide for the design and construction of high energy efficiency buildings.

The project, called MED in Italy, won the third overall prize in the contest for the year 2012, as well as being awarded first prize for Sustainability, second prize for Domestic Operation and four third prizes for Architecture, Innovation, Communication and Energy Balance Sheet.

In 2014 in Versailles the prototype of a flat for Social Housing, called “RhOME for denCity”, once again the only Italian participant, ranked first overall, also winning the first prize for Domestic Operation and Lighting, the second in the contest Architecture, Comfort Conditions and Social Housing, the third prize for Innovation, as well as special mentions for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

She is currently in charge of coordinating the Regional Energy Plan in Lazio, where she is working on how to reduce energy use in the region, facilitate the transition to electricity and diversify energy sources in the medium-long term. She deals with the management of the building and environmental design process, applied both on an urban scale and on a building scale. She graduated as an architect in 1995, has authored numerous projects at preliminary, final and executive level, for private and public entities.

She has hosted television programmes, including the Geo&Geo feature “La casa ecologica” 2011-12 Rai 3, “La casa che verrà” 2011-12 Leonardo,  “Cortesie per gli Ospiti” 2005-2013, Real Time.

Chiara Tonelli specialises in architecture and urban planning, more specifically as regards: energy transition, sustainability, environment, energy efficiency, wooden buildings, sustainable materials and building components, informal suburbs, urban requalification, residential building, social housing, school buildings. As expert on innovation, she studies start-ups, makers, Cad-Cam production. Last but not least, she has been called upon to discuss topics including Life Style, interior decoration, Catering and Cuisine.

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