Ilaria Capua’s Circular Health takes the stage

Ilaria Capua, among the most internationally respected Italian scientists, uses the language of theater to spread awareness about global health issues.

Having recently returned to Italy after longtime direction of University of Florida’s “One Health” Center of Excellence and now Senior Fellow of Global Health at Johns Hopkins University – SAIS Europe, Ilaria Capua brings to theaters “Words of Circular Health”, a staged reading created and distributed by Elastica. The show is produced by Aboca, a Sansepolcro-based healthcare company, and concentrates on the deep relationship between the health of the planet and the health of all its inhabitants. “Words of Circular Health” features the amazing stories of men and women who have changed science and our worldview, the extraordinary discoveries that have helped humanity grow and prosper, and also the nefarious effects of exploiting the Earth and its resources.

“The environment is not external to us. It’s something that we are immersed in, that we are part of, and that is part of us,” says Ilaria Capua. In a world of hyper-specialization, which studies details but is incapable of seeing the big picture, it is important to remember that “Circular Health is made up of people, plants, animals, and the environment. It’s governed by the forces contained in water, air, earth and fire. We can face the biggest challenges before us with the help of big data, imagination and courage, determination and curiosity, and above all, foresight. The only way to succeed is by focusing firmly on the values of respect, commitment and equity.”

Several professional actresses and actors will be on stage with Capua during the tour, including Antonella Attili, Lodo Guenzi, Francesca Reggiani and other names to be announced. An exciting dialogue made up of voices and images will deliver the audience the words of yesterday, the words of today and the words for tomorrow. Together, they form a new vocabulary for humanity, to reflect and generate awareness about the deep connection that binds all living beings.

After the special preview scheduled in Città di Castello on April 18, featuring actress Francesca Reggiani, the first event opens to the public on April 27 in Perugia at the SEED festival, with Capua joined by actress Antonella Attili.

The tour will then make stops at the MAST Auditorium in Bologna (May 2), the Niccolini Theater in Florence (May 3), Pieve Santo Stefano (June 3) on the occasion of the Festival of the Paths of Francis and in Pordenone (Sept. 15).

At the shows, it will be possible to purchase Ilaria Capua’s new linked book, entitled Words of Circular Health, published by Aboca Edizioni and available in all bookstores and online stores starting April 28.

“Words of Circular Health” is a project for the theater written and created by Ilaria Capua, in collaboration with Francesco Zani, and with staging curated by Carmen Manti of Elastica.

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