Luca and Lucio

Elastica is young: just a little over eight years old. Elastica is female: in the sense that it’s hard to miss the vast majority of women in our office. Yet Elastica also has a “boy”— one with decades of experience in the world of culture, who is featured in the exhibition “Anche se il tempo passa” dedicated to Lucio Dalla, inaugurated in Rome on September 22.

Luca Lazzaris, the originator of this very agency, is one of the figures in the show open until January 6 2023 at the Ara Pacis Museum, with his name projected on the wall along with the great Italian musician’s other icons and collaborators.

A young Luca, newly arrived in Bologna from the province of Udine, took his first professional steps with none other than Lucio Dalla himself. He barely had time to celebrate his eighteenth birthday because that very afternoon he left with Lucio on tour. It was 1983, and the memories and experiences that followed were endless. Luca toured multiple times with Dalla, and continued to collaborate with him after his association with Luca Carboni began, thus contributing to the success of another great artist from Bologna.

The major exhibition in Rome is a full immersion visual and sensory journey into the music of the man who wrote “L’anno che verrà.” The show tells a vivid tale that we like to think is part of Elastica’s own DNA, and a foundational experience that the agency brings to its work every day.

Lucio Dalla’s regard for and friendship with Luca stayed strong until the Bolognese singer’s passing. One could even say beyond it, since Elastica has produced commemoration events in his honor for over three years: in Bologna in 2015 with A casa di Lucio [At Lucio’s House], and then in 2017 with A casa di Lucio va in città [At Lucio’s House takes the city], and in 2016 in Rome with Dalla Radio.

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