Angela Frenda, a Elastica-curated website, is now live

If you haven’t yet heard of Angela Frenda, now is the perfect time.

And if you already know her, there’s a special new place to discover her world: creative, cultural, colorful, made of simple things but rich in smells, tastes and inspiration.

The website is now live, and curated and created by Elastica: an important communication hub for the work of the beloved journalist, writer, and deep connoisseur of Italian and international gastronomic culture, Angela Frenda.

Frenda’s website is a virtual space full of flavors, smells, and stories. It is a home for Angela Frenda and her community to find recipes and culinary stories, books by Angela and her reading recommendations, up to date information on her events, and lastly, an extensive section dedicated to Women Cookbook Club, a club that celebrates women’s cookbooks and the women who read them.

Elastica’s media relations team developed this project alongside Sandro Stefanelli, who designed the graphics, and Pino Ceniccola, who handled the web development.

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